• Image of Samantha Landrum Strength Bangle Set

Samantha Landrum proudly introduces Strength, by Bellissima Jewelers. These timeless bangles are as bold and striking as Samantha's country spirit and her unwavering pursuit of her dream.

A beautiful set of three American made bangles that perfectly accent your casual day style and illuminate your formal evening attire; they are a true necessity to every wardrobe.

Set includes:
- One 2.2 mm matte finished bangle
- One 2.6 mm matte finished bangle
- One 3.7 mm high polished bangle

Designed, created, hand finished, individually inspected and then packaged in a luxurious, black velvet pouch. Each set includes an autographed keepsake picture of Samantha Landrum.

NOTE: Price includes shipping and handling!

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